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My dear friends,

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Gossip Girl: New Season! New Fashion!

Everybody was intrigued about new season: what they do, whom they date, where they go. My question was what do they wear? As the first seria poped out we can definately say there is a lot about costumes going on this new third season of Gossip Girl.


First, when you see the promo picture Versace and Elie Saab dresses can not catch your eye.

00490m 00450m


Fashion Art by Balenciaga

The new collection by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga is a real art collection. Every single piece is worth of speaking. Dresses, skirts and jackets are amazing, but most of all I admire shoes.


Aren't they beautiful?! This is what I'd call the modern art.

Another thing about art is Balenciaga AD Campaign.

Balenciaga Fall-Winter 2009 . 2010 Ad Campaign6


New Sexy Halle Berry

Halle Berry is not that type of an actress wo is hot whatever she wears and how does she look. There few moments which I can mention of her being really sexy. The one is when she was Bond's gilfriend in "Die another day" and the other was in "Perfect stranger". More or less she looked funny but not sexy al the other times starting with "Flinstones" and finishing with "Catwoman".

This time she looks very sexy, just amazing on the photos by Tony Duran.



Anna Wintour is a devil for some jealous

There are not so many people in fashion whose opinion really matters. Obvious, the first person from this short list ia Anna Wintour. At her 60 she manages to be still in fashion and make others respect her style. At least those others who understand something in fashion and don't make their name pop-up just because of unpleasant think they can say about Wintour. In "The Last Empress" The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd says that Anna is a dominatrix, monster, unwarm and cruel. She even writes that Wintour is kind of not human being because of her living in unreal fashionable world where one shoot can cost $50 000.

I don't wanna be one those people who will just fight for Anna Wintour because of her great name, but as a total fashion lover I'd say that this miss Dowd has to wake up! Fashion is something about appreciating. So if one person can't understand that fashion is the real art and one shoot can cost $50 000 why should Anna Wintour worry about it and think about the world crisis? It's better not to write about something which you are not aware of. Being part of fashion world means undersatnd how does it go and writting such things about one of the most powerful women in fashion means to be totally out of fashion.

So, get your granny's skirt Maureen as it has been said in "The Devil wears Prada" as it seems that you liked that movie a lot. 

Balmain Fame

What can be worse than cheap copying of brand clothes? When girl can't afford the real, I would say, Dior bag, she goes and buys a fake one just to have her own Dior. One who is honest with herself will go to TOPSHOP, ZARA or other shop similar to them. This is more honest. I'm not sure. The reason is that too many things we see in those shops are copied in their design from what people see on th runway. Sometimes it happens that not such cheap brands start to copy famous brands to make money and become more popular.

Balmain has become one new very trendy and desirable brands these days jackets with huge shoulders, dresses shining elements, shoes covered with Swarovski crystalls and other fancy and amazing things. Reasonable that everyone wants their own Balmain. Unfortunately, one can afford $11 000 jacket and others can not. For those who can not afford Balmain  "Alice+Olivia" started to make their copies of Balmain things. You see Balmain jacket but with Alice+Olivia logo on it.

Things from "Alice+Olivia" are less fancy. That is normal with the price $550 for a jacket. But really you can make things fancy even for $550 but when design is yours, not copied from a famous designer. I can't understand how someone can be glad because of it. It's really awfull! Balmain things are pieces of art and this is even out of any comparison...

Well while some are happy and buy those copies famous people realize the value of Balmain.

Madonna took this Balmain Fall-Winter 2009-2010 dress covered with crystalls to her new "Celebration" video. 

The video is filmed by Jonas Akerlund who works with fashionista Lady GaGa.

Bloggers can rule the fashion world!

The influence of fashion bloggers grows every day. Since deisgners have started to invite them to their fashion shows and send them their look books  we can say that there is a connection between what bloggers write and what designers do.

Famous fashion blogger Garance Dore is one of that bloggers who definately influences fashion society. At first she started to work for famous magazines such as Vogue where her view is largely appreciated and now she's started to collaborate with famous brands. Garance has been invited to decorate pop-up Gap boutique in London with her drawings and put some of them on the limited edition of Gap t-shirts. The reason is Gap's 40th anniversary.

From these little steps can born a huge impact which one day can become more heavy than that of fashion magazines. The reason is that bloggers usually write what they think but not what their ad sellers tell them to write. Whether these Gap t-shirts will be a page in history or not doesn't matter what does is that Garance Dore will be on the pages of fashion history fron tis moment for sure.

Gap pop-up boutique will be opened from September,10 and during 19 days after on the Carnaby street, London. Hurry up, to pick up your Garance's t-shirt!


Chanel Automobile

Could you dream about it?!

Automobile designer Jinyoung Jo from South Korea created Chanel car concept and named it Chanel Fiole ( " bottle" in French). 

Whether Karl Lagerfeld notices it? 

That's how the Chanel car prototype looks like:


Fashion calligraphy

Creating invitations to fashion shows, parties and cocktails is an art as much difficult as creating haute couture collections. If you ever had an idea that those beautiful cards are produced with printer you knew nothing about fashion. 


Beautiful cards with calligraphic hand writting are produced by this handsome guy whose name is Nicolas Ouchenir. He is the one trusted to make invitation cards to  haute couture Chanel shows and Miu Miu cocktail parties. He's got all influential fashion houses in his portfolio, for many of them Nicolas has been working for many years - Sonia Rykiel, Azzaro, Roger Vivier, almost al fashion houses of PPR Group (Francois Pinault specially likes Ouchenir's cards).
Nicolas's work differs from others 'cause he doesn't work with one particular font but can create thousands of them as well as card designs, the fashion house just has to define the style and inspiration. Nicolas spends hours a day to make patterns for Chanel or Pinault, at the end you'll get the invitation card which is the actual piece of art. There is no need to throw such cards away, your children could earn lots of money some day! Anyway Nicolas is the one calligrapher favoured by fashion houses and public.

The Schuman Plan

There are so many people nowadays who are obsessed with being a part of famous fashion projects and shoots. The most fashionable are counting days till the day when famous Scott Schuman will shoot them and they will be captured on the pages of his blog The Sartorialist which recently has become the real street fashion guide. Unfortunately there are only few who reaches their aim and become the object of Schuman's camera.

Refinery29 resource made the Schuman scheme which explains how to get photoed by Scott.


Scott's photos are quiet inspirational and amazing though he started to shoot his friends and they are not so impressive as real people on the street. His wife Garance Dore makes pretty the same thing by taking photos on the street and sometimes her photos look more fashionable for me.


24 hours for the Birkin bag

It takes from 18 to 24 hours to make one Hermes Birkin bag which is made by hand from cut to metallic details. What makes people to become a number two thousand something in a waiting list for a bag and why do all women in the world are dreaming to have their own original one?

Watch this video and you'll find out. 


Takashi Murakami collaboration with fashion house of Louis Vuitton lasts for many years and he has made plenty of bags and accessories, books and outstanding cartoons for LV.  His influence on the style of Louis Vuitton is unbelievable.

This year collaborations finds another way of expression which is totally Murakami's style, but I doubt whether it is style of Louis Vuitton. Takashi Murakami has created Plush Panda figure for Louis Vuitton.

As Takashi Murakami says the Japanese will love it. I'm sure they will, but what about others? I think it's cute though it's not something associated with Louis Vuitton.

It exists in two sizes - the big one as a real toy and the little one for your mobile phone or bag.


It comes out with the certificate of authenticity and in a classical Louis Vuitton cotton-bag, but this time the bag is covered by Murakami's paintings. The little one comes in a paper box and with metallic identity pendant.

Chanel strands

Chanel strands of pearl have become an atribute of fancy girls all over the world. They are stylish, they are classy, they are modest and chic at the same time. Pearl strand created by Coco Chanel became a part of classic look at first and then has transformed to the accossory which shows your fashion affiliation. Madame Chanel was the first designer who has invented bijouterie as a part of women's wardrobe and made "little toys" as she called them to live on women's dressers. No wonder Chanel bijou is still the most popular bijou. 
Many girls naively think that popular Chanel strands are made from the natural pearl. The shining surface makes you believe it is a pearl, but it is not.

In fact, the Chanel strands are made of glass jewelry. Every single bead is blown from glass and put to the natural nacre from shells under a very high temperature. Because of natural nacre this pearl shine appears, so you can think you see the real pearls. Chanel strands are timeless because the nacre will never darken. This is a good way to save money for fashionistas - those pearl strands will never go out of fashion. 

"Pearl" strands became a symbol of Chanel and they're often used to draw customers' attention as it was made in Tokyo. Huge strands were put in window displays. 

To have even one strand is a dream for many girls and the only one accessory that can try to beat the Chanel strand popularity is the chain by Van Cleef & Arpels. 

The September Issue

The September Issue - the documentary film by R.J.Cutler about fashion-legend editor-in-chief of US Vogue Anna Wintour and the magazine creation.

Why September? There is an answer in the film -"September is fashion January". There are several reasons for that. First of all September is the beginning of a big new season when almost every woman change her clothes. Second the biggest part of present designers are more serious about fall collection than any other. And at last there is a raise of interest in fashion in September. Women come back from summer holidays and they think what to wear at work. If it's not that difficult to look perfect in swiming bade, bracelets and sunglasses, but it's not that easy to look that perfect in a coat. There is more to think about.

The September 2007 issue of Vogue magazine weighed nearly five pounds, and was the single largest issue of a magazine ever published. There is an opinion that Wintour rules the world of fashion because of such issues, but in fact she manages to make such issues because she rules the world of fashion. Some people in her team work with Wintour for a quiet while - editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley, creative director and the most powerful fashion editor Grace Coddington and publicherTom Florio. They help Wintour to create the best magazine in the world. 

The New York premiere is on 28, August 2009

the official site of the film

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Lindsay Lohan in Vogue Espana August 2009

I'm not a big fan of Lindsay Lohan, personally I don't think she's prettu enough to be a model, an actress in comedy movie - yes, model-no! But lately she became the face of Fornarina label and her fashion interest starts to grow or the interest of fashion to her. She appears on the cover of Spanish Vogue and I'm surprised but I liked it. Lohan looks amazing. Has Pascal Dangin worked on this photos or she has really changed her appearance that great?

In the new August issue of Spanish Vogue, Lindsay Lohan turns to Marylin Monroe with her blondy hair as it was decided by fashion-directors though to me she reminds more of Madonna latest looks specially wearing that Thieery Mugler and Louis Vuitton outfits.

She’s featuring pieces from many outstanding designers - Thierry Mugler, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Louis Vuitton and under garments by Agent Provocateur and this is only few of them. She’s wearing amazing heels and looks totally perfect.

The only thing which is not great is to be inspired by Monroe and to wear a dress with the face of Monroe. Typically put. Nevertheles this new Lohan is fab but for how long would her new look last..
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Fashion of fun by John Galliano

They say John Galliano is making fun from fashion and doesn't take design seriously. Maybe he is making fun but his fun-fashion gives lots of money to the house of Dior and more glory than there was before. It was the start of a new era for Dior when Galliano came. Being creative director of Givenchy he was good enough for Anna Wintour to decide that he would be good enough for Dior and Bernard Arnault agreed.

John Galliano turns presentations of all his collections for the house of Christian Dior to the real show. Fashion critics and editors keep talking about his collections many weeks after and there is so much to talk about - not only his dresses and total looks but how it all was presented to public.

One of the historical and most fabulous shows was Christian Dior Fall-Winter 1998/99 Haute Couture show. The collection was named "A Voyage on the Diorient Express, ot the Story of the Princess Pocahontas" and totally expressed the name by clothing and decorations.

The show took place at the Austerlitz railway station in Paris. It was usual thing for Galliano to choose french Opera house or railway station for the show but the Diorient Express became real sensation. Models came to the show in retro-train and guests were seating at the plattform covered with sand and decorated by Louis Vuitton tranks. It was almost the first time in fashion history when designer used the dorations of the other brand in his show.

The actors wearing indian costumes fullfilled the theatrical atmosphere and the impression of dresses inspired by the XVIth century costumes. Those dreses were the "lots -of-time" creations as said by Francois Lesage (the most famous world embroiderer who makes haute couture collections for fashion houses for many years) - it took 2000 hours to create one dress and such a dress was the most expensive he had ever seen. Nevertheless this show took lots of critic by editros and critics such as Suzy Menkes. They didn't like the theater in fashion but Galliano's idea really worked and public loved it. Since Gallino first collection for Dior their net profit has grown enormously.

There is no need to be a critic to understand how fabulous Galliano's shows are, you just need to love and enjoy fashion how John Galliano himself loves and enjoys it.

Jennifer Lopez glows!

Legendary pop-star Jennifer Lopez launches her new perfume "My Glow" inspired by her twin-babies. "Every baby is an angel" - says JLo, which was totally shown in a bottle of a new fragrance.

Her first fragrance "Glow" appeared in 2003, which reminds me soap. Hopefully the new one would be better, but in fact I don't think so because JLo fragrances are produced by COTY that mainly produces fragrances for mass audience.

But the AD Campaign of "My Glow" is really inspirational one, I love it. The only thing I was surprised to find out - this campaign was shot by photographer Carter Smith in September 2008 and the fragrance itself was developed while Jennifer was pregnant. Then why the fragrance appears just this summer? Maybe Jennifer is up for business again after being just mummy.

photos via luxury_ad 


Don't shop!

You're worried about the economics and what's gonna be tomorrow? You've almost stopped shopping and need to be encouraged to buy a dress? Then, this hilarious video created by 13 NYC bloggers is made for you.

Here you go!


Chanel Starting Point

July, 17 rue Royale in Paris was crouded with photographers and gapers watching perfomance by Karl Lagerfeld with Lara Stone, Baptiste Giabiconi and motorcycle for Chanel.

The company was shooting press-kit for Chanel Starting Point collection.

Even more attraction than models and Karl Lagerfeld has got motorcycle made in Toulouse specially for Chanel.

Is a ride on Chanel motor will differ.. May be more fabulous one :)
The new british fashionista and the star of Harry Potter Emma Watsonrecently shot for fall-winter Burberry ad campaign, decided to make her own clothes label. Emma is creating her first collection at the moment breaking between filming the next Harry Potter and magazines' shoots (lately she was shot for Teen Vogue again).

Surprisingly Emma has a very good advisor while creating her clothes line. Karl Lagerfeld, one of the most powerful designers of today helps the young lady. It's clear that Karl likes Watson and her way of style. On the other hand he is a living legend and genius who cretes 11 collections for Chanel and 4-5 for his own label Karl Lagerfeld, so it's nothng for him to give some advice. While Watson herself is wearing Chanel and says that it is the most comfortable clothes for her, Watson line clothes would be more affordable and for younger audience than Chanel clothes. Quiet reasonable considering the fact that all the money from the collection will go to UNICEF children charity fund. 

We can only admire the new british fashionista and hope that charity aims of the collection won't influence the quality of clothes in a bad way. 

Model in robbery business

New York Post reports: Joshua Walters - pretty man-model who worked for Hugo Boss is a memeber of a robbery-band of 4 which robbed 15 gas stations and about 11 stores. They also robbed everybody in the place. Their fun lasted till July 12 when Walter's pistol aimed one of the victims. Their total take was about $15 000.


The only thing I can't get is why some modeling pretty guy would do that? Models on show such as Hugo Boss get not $15 000 of course but they get aroun $300-800 and sometimes more for show which means you can get even more than $15 000 if you do many shows. Was it just a play for fun or was it a real crime to get money for something? I think that we will never get it though there are talks that it was a cruel crime because Walters is not that moral pretty as he looks like, he is in a relationship with a woman who is elder tham him, a woman who worked as a teacher before their relations became public.

This guy is just 20 years old and he could do a good career in model business while for now he'll be just another prisoner. 

Hat over head

In the longtime history of fashion (I mean fashion not a costume history) there has always been a place for a hat. It was the kind of an accessory every woman from a rspectable class should have. Those hats were enormously beautiful but uncomfortable to wear. Then there was a time of Coco Chanel when she replaced hats with birds, fruits and flowers by the simple and chic hats which made womeneven more sophisticated. Even though there was a non-hat period in the 20th century, hats have been back again. Right now it's difficult to say what kind of hat is fashionable - fruit-bird-like or simple and little, but we can say that hats are in fashion.

Fall 2009 season will be all about hats: little, big, black and screaming-bright, bandaids and hair accessory which replace the role of the hat. Almost all the designers made place for a hat in their collection. Even in haute couture collections: Chanel, Lacroix, Dior, Givenchy, etc. Though you're not supposed to wear them in the street some women do.

Ready-to-wear collections wil make you buy some of those lovely hats for sure - there're many-many of them - and you can go for any kind you like from gloves-made Dolce&Gabbana to simple and round Chanel, or if you're not a hat-type person you can check with some head accessories from Zac Posen or Yves Saint Laurent. Armani also went for tiny hats which make one newly elegant. 

It seems that time of birdy-fruit-like hats came back or at least that it's time for extreme hats such as you can find at Dior or McQueen.

Whatever you will wear next season there should be place for at least one hat. You don't have to be that McQueen extremal to wear a hat you may be that Lacroix simple, so go for it and the title of fashionista will be yours.

12 years without Versace

Today is 12 year anniversary of the tragical Gianni Versace's death.

Gianni Versace  is one of the greatest designers of 20th century and he is one of my favourite . His fashion-art continues to live by the means of Donatella Versace and her creations for the brand, still the most valuable for me are those things made by Versace himself. It's such an excitement to look for them in vintage shops or on Portabello Road. His fabulous designs are priceless bacause they will always remind of one genius who left the world without saying "good bye".

Gianni's fashion has turned the world of style. His ideas still remain sexiest and fashion will never forget him, because to some extent the 20th century fashion is ought to him.


Bulgari to Save the Children

Jewellery house Bulgari has created three limited edition pieces to celebrate 125th anniversary of the House. It almost has bacome the tradition to organize charity campaigns for one's anniversary in jewellery business. In case with Bulgari when one pendant or ring is purchased $60 will go to Save the Cildren's "Rewrite the Future" campaign. Not that much considering the price of each piece - $290. There are three pieces in the collection - two silver rings of different size with inside engraving "save the children" and one pendant.

Willem Dafoe, Terrence Howard, Ben Stiller, Isabella Rossellini, Ginnifer Goodwin and many more celebrities have posed with the jewelry to draw attention to this cause.The best way to draw public's attention is to call for celebrities. For them $290 is nothing but how many those $290 rings Bulgari will sell to save the children. Limited edition is not so limited in a way. Still without such acts of free wil of big companies there were almost nobody to help children.

Underwear genius

There are very few designers even in fashion who are tend to be those genius who change the world of fashion in their own way. The way that stays for many years after them to be copied and inspired by. Though some of them pass by and public forgets them, but fashion does not. Such people create something without what contemporary fashion would be unbelievable.

Such a genius was an american designer Rudy Gernreich. Most of people haven't heard about him, but it was he who created that underwear women are wearing today. He created the "No-Bra bra" without metallic parts and heavy details in 1972, you could even put it on through head. Thanks to him we also have lace-underwear today.


But his first scandal fashion innovation was the topless bathing suit - monokini, created in 1964.


Nancy White form Harper's Bazaar was the one who asked him to create this procative suit and she was the one who refused to put it into the magazine after. There were no magazines that could print naked pictures, some of them later printed the back picture of a model in this suit. But in fact, it was the example when fashion-critics don't decide anything. Public loved Gernreich's creation and women started to wear it.


Few years later Rudy designed pubikini – the bathing suit with the opening space for intimate woman's hair, which should be died to the color of the bathing suit. Such an invention couldn't find public's sympathy and was even ridiculed.

At the end of 1990's Tom Ford was inspired by Gernreich's designs to create sexy advertisings for Gucci. There were even Versace, Gaultier and Dolce&Gabbana who have been inspired by his porno-chic inventions in fashion. It became the whole influence in late 1990's fashion known as "porno-chic".


We are no any longer surprised by stretch-clothes, though in sixties it was a real sensation started by Rudy. Even less we are surprised by sexy outfits opening the breast.

In recent shoot for Allure magazine Fergie tried on famous Rudy's monokini.

In modern magazines this doesn't seem shaming, stylists put more sex to the looks of pop-stars. Who knows, maybe It's time for iconic designs to return.


Giorgio Armani is 75

Giorgio Armani is called the italian maestro and one of the living genius of fashion. Today he is 75.


Next Fall will be one of the most fashionable ones, no matter what crisis is out there. No crisis for fashion, at least not for every designer in fashion. Dior, Chanel, Lacroix, Armani, Valentino, Saab, Givenchy, Gaultier and Mabille showed their couture creations. No matter what they cost that much! As usual everybody was impressed by Chanel Couture collection. Lagerfeld said that he would die here (meaning on the runway or in fashion house of Chanel) and I believe he doesn't lie. Every season he makes Chanel collection as it would be his last one.

Christian Lacroix, whose house is nearly ending its era, has created couture collection at the last minute. And it was gorgeous Lacroix collection. All you can think of Lacroix he showed in heats and dresses. It may be his last collection, but I cross fingers it wouldn't be.

Brave and sexy Galliano looks for Dior turned fashion world upside down once again. They can be criticised and it wouldn't be new phenomen for Galliano, he is used to it. Still everything will be sold out. His lovely and beautiful dresses continue Dior era, but they are more Galliano than Dior right now. And it is right, there has to be place for a new genius.

Ricardo Tisci continues impress editors and fashionistas by his sophisticated and feminine looks at Givenchy. Some wil say that Galliano was more at the right place at Givenchy than Tisci, I wouldn't agree with that. Tisci is a genius of modern fashion and believe or not he will be one of the fashion-gurus when present will pass away. 

What is bettert to be classy and chic or sexy and sparkling? It's better to be both - Armani would say. His Armani Prive collection proves it once again. The italian maestro of classic fashion has already conquered Hollywood and now he wants to take the rest of the world of celebrities.
Ever since he had made his costumes for Madonna he doesn't stop to prove his 'sexiest designer' status. Jean Paul Gaultier went for Marlen Ditrich and 1940's chic to create his couture collection this season. What else I can say - wow!


Paper doll models

Young british designer whose brand is known as "I Love Mel" creates Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn paper dolls, specially for fans. There are lots of fans of those supermodels and they will be lots of them who'd like to have models in paper :)



Each doll has its own wardrobe which is made according to the style of models in their real day-to-day life. So, you can mention that for Kate there are basically TOPSHOP t-shirts and dresses. Wardrobe contains 17 peices, so you can practice in the field of making styles :)



The price of one model-doll with wardrobe is 13.5 pounds, not so much to have your own Kate Moss, still she is in paper! Agyness looks more like herself while Kate doesn't look similar to the real one.



Paper dolls are popular since 19th century and even after creation of Barbie people still use paper dolls. Isn't it dull to play with paper dolls?It's cool only if you're going to do your own designs.. May be when you have Agyness or Kate doll it's totally different, but I don't wanna check this.


Versace Little Princess

She said to be one of the richest and the most fashionable girls in Italy. Her name is Allegra Beck Versace. This year she turns 23 and she already has decisive influence at the fashion house of Versace

It was Gianni's last will that 50% of the house goes to Allegra. He called her 'little princess' and as a real princess she has got all the treasures. Allegra could enjoy everything from her 18th birthday in 2004. Her fortune is estimated as $700 millions. It seems to me that she has got more that that. She has got the understanding of being the one nice loved by her uncle. Gianni Versace loved Allegra more than any one else and spent many days with her playing, shopping, etc. As any genius Gianni had a right for some weaknesses, so his weakness was his love to Allegra but not his other three nephews. 

She was always at the camera since the day of her birth. But there's appeared more preassure as she became the head of Versace. Trying to be the best in everything, even her appearance (although she's pretty enough) she went through anorexia and lots of other stresses. Now she looks perfect as she has to, being one of Versace. You can look at Donatella and understand the pressure!

Allegra holds everything in her hands and listen her inside voice and Donatella but not in all the cases. 


Fashion house of Versace is a great success of this strong italian family. It's seen that the years of Gianni's care about Allegra were not wasted and that she's learned much from her uncle.
Success of Versace brand depends on Gianni's 'little princess'. The hope is that she won't consider such stakes as another uncle's play. But there's no need to worry. Gianni was the one who had chosen Allegra and that means this 'little princess' has not only a big fortune.


Naomi in Russia for Love

Naomi Campbell very often appears on the cover of Russian Vogue. On the one hand, it's not a big surprise, she's an outstanding iconic model, on the other - why does she need the cover of Russian Vogue so much... This love to Russia is mutual. Today Naomi is an A-list guest at all private Moscow parties and it seems she enjoys it. 

Her firts time in Russia was in 1995, when she earned for her visit $100.000, huge payment even for her status at that moment, still she is a very popular model. After that her visits to Russia were very rare business-trips. 


Recently at Russian Vogue Auction she was together with Vladislav Doronin. He is not very popular, but he is a very rich russian oligarch. They say they're going to get married. At the auction Naomi fighted for YSL matryoshka and finally got it for 33 000 euro. That's not surprising, at the moment she was the face of a brand.


This love of iconic model and russian bussinessman is great! At least I think it's sincere. We can ask why such great woman with a big name dates russian man when she was dating even Richard Gere?! I think she has finally found her love and according to the ring on her finger this gonna be serious, it is serious. 



Back to the cover of Russian Vogue. Vladislav Doronin wll be pleased to see his beloved on the cover of russian magazine more than on any one else. This makes sense. 

Pearl shoes

Chanel Paris-Moscou collection is a real set of masterpieces created by Karl Lagerfeld. Every single thing from his collection is worth of writing an ode. Shame on me, I'm not going to write about the whole range. I suppose that shoes form Paris-Moscou collection are most fabulous examples.

Those black shoes with pearls of them, aren't they stunning, or those dome-shoes (with heels made as domes of russian cathedrals)? Chanel shoes have to be weared on the red carpet.



This black pearly shoes are modest and chic. What could be better? By the way, these shoes are becoming popular among celebrities. Keira Knightley was the first famous person to understand the sophistication of Paris-Moscou collection. She appeared in pearly shoes twice - at Chanel haute-couture show and at the International Berlin Film Festival.

Shoes form Paris-Moscou collection can be weared only in Paris, 'cause to wear them at Moscou streets sounds crazy! Even the red Square is an awful place to walk on heels.

In two years one who has pieces from Paris-Moscou collection will be lucky fashionistas. Others will be trying to find something from collection on Portabello Road. In some years kokoshnik and pearly shoes together with matryoshka necklace would be very expensive or even auction lots.  

Jewellery should be that yummy

Look books of jewellery collections are sparkling and colourfull this year, so I can't help surprising. Most of all I'm talking about Boucheron's collection "Tentation Macaron" and some rings and bracelets from Piaget's creative collection. Is it a ring or it's a big stone presented the way that it just causes your boyfriend's appetite?


Since there are many women fond of big stones and everything that makes them look as a peacock, such creations of jewellery houses seem reasonable to me. The only thing I can't get, how a woman in her 40 can really wear that??

For summer when everything is bright, flowers are blooming and the sea beach is waiting for you these macaron and limelight rings look fantastic. They really are. They look fantastic even for the city with jeans and a bright t-shirt. one of Marc jacobs usually makes for summer. But they don't look fantastic even with such t-shirt if you're kind of not 20 years old. Can you imagine some Anna Wintour wearing that? Hilarious!

At least you can wear them till you get to your thirties and this is so much fun :)

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Christian Dior 1950 Ad Campaign


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COCO 1913 - CHANEL 1923

No use to repeat and write a long story about Lagerfeld's genius. There's nothing to argue about. The only thing I'd like to mention that everything he does in the world of fashion is fabulous. 

The "COCO 1913 - CHANEL 1923" movie filmed by Karl Lagerfeld specially for Paris-Moscou collection is a beautiful introduction to the collection itself. Every single thing in Paris-Moscou collection is the masterpiece that is understandable without any words or music. Probably it was a reason to make this film silent. Such kind of beauty  doesn't need words and the Chanel history is known for almost everyone. For the rest of the audience there are dialogues, kindly added by Lagerfeld.

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Scarlett for Mango

Scarlett Johansson's impressive list of Ad Campaigns won't be that impressive any more. 

After sexual Ad Campaign for Dolce&Gabbana Cosmetics sexy Hollywood star made camapign for Moёt&Chandon, the most fabulous champagne. By the way, the  video and posters in a way show Scarlett's sexuality. You could think that this blonde diva has decided to conquer the whole industry of luxury goods. What's next...


The next is Mango. The Ad Campaign Fall-Winter 2009/10.


Mango is a popular brand but still there's nothing in common with luxury-brands such as Louis Vuitton, for example, which she was the Ad Campaign face as well. Maybe it's just a revenge to Penelope Crus (she was the face of Mango Ad Campaign before) for Woody Allen who has recently chosen Penelope to act in his next movie? :)

After Mango Scarlett will need luxury-rehabilitation. One of the LVMH brands perhaps...

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Murakami's Cartoon for Louis Vuitton

Another surreal cartoon about girl in dream world of Louis Vuitton is released this year. Looks like someone's love for Louis Vuitton has no any borders :) Definitely LV - Takashi Murakami relations are special. 


In September we'll be pleased (I mean those whom LV bags and luggage have influenced to be LV-victim) by the book "Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion And Architecture" by Takashi Murakami.

Despite Murakami's "multicolor" role (the collection of bags and accessories with milticolor monogram firts appeared in 2003) in creating image of Louis Vuitton, I prefer to be old-fashiond wearing accessories with classical monogram.

This amazing building is the result of Murakami's influence. Lighting, amazing, but not usual Louis Vuitton building, that reminds me of Asia :) 

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The Dolce & Gabbana Women Fall-Winter 2009-10 Ad Campaign are out. Artistic Ad Campaign was shot by Steven Klein, starring Mariacarla Boscono, Edita Vilkeviciute and Heidi Mount. As usual untouchable models catch the eye by their outstanding looks.

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Carrie's Wedding Dresses

The Wedding Dress Photo Shoot in Sex and the City: The Movie became one of the most fabulous scenes in the movie, mostly because of the Vogue team. Everything that producers could make for certain particularity of this movie is Carrie's photo shoot in those wedding dresses. Personally, I was excited to see Lacroix and Herrera creations in a new, outstanding way.

Silly to argue that in Sex and the City there is one character who makes even 1$ t-shirt to look fab. Her name is Carrie. 

Patricia Fields is the stylist of the series and the movie, but this time she was just watching. Anna Wintour was asked to help in making this Vogue shoot to be the real shoot for a magazine. In the end those several minutes of showing the most beautiful wedding dresses were created by the team of professionals from american Vogue: editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley, legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier, fashion editor Lawren Howell, contributing editor Plum Sykes and famous photo-editor Pascal Dangin, who is at the same time the creative consultant of Vogue.

These legendary people created all the beauty we've seen and also played themselves in the movie showing their day-to-day work to mass audience. 

The first Carrie's dress in the scene is Vera Wang wedding gown from Fall 2007 collection. By the way it is not the first Vera Wang dress to appear in Sex and the City. Remember when Charlotte got married for the first time in the series? That dress in her wedding with Trey was Vera Wang as well.

Carolina Herrera wedding gown from Spring 2008 collection was next to appear. It's amazing especially together with the hair accessory. 


The haute-couture Christian Lacroix (Fall 2007) dress was created to be provocative and brave. Turns out it can be very elegant and sophisticated if it's shooted in Vogue. 


The feminine Lanvin (Spring 2008) variant turned aging Carrie to the young girl. To tell the truth, this dress is my favourite. If I were bride I'd chosen the Lanvin dress for sure :) 


Crazy and amazing haute-couture dress created by John Galliano for Christian Dior (Fall 2007) can hardly be concerned as a wedding one if you're going to marry for the first time in your life. Still it could be the perfect variant for Carrie concerning her age :) 


The ideal Oscar de la Renta (Spring 2008) gown. The ornament made of pearls looks very chic. 


At the end of the shoot my eye was caught by the spinning Carrie in Vivienne Westwood dress from Fall 2007 collection. It's a pitty that Carrie was finally married in another one. 


The ideal wedding definitely has to be with the ideal dress. And the haute-couture dress is enough for a man to be "carried away". That didn't work out for Carrie, but still her story is just a fiction. So your story in haute-couture dress can be totally different!

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Chanel Cruise 2010 Venice Show

This Venice Chanel Cruise 2010 Show has already taken place in fashion history. The collection itself and it's life perfomance have shown the outstanding view of Karl Lagerfeld as usual.

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